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Caleb and Tess’ Guinery

30.01.10 | Ulladulla/Bawley Wedding

“ The most amazing up and coming wedding planner on the face of the earth ”
Quote: Tess Gray and Caleb Guinery

Caleb and TessIt’s been said that weddings are the most stressful time in a person’s life… For us this wasn’t the case.
In the lead up our the wedding prior to having a wedding planner, things were a little tense, sticky situations arose and there was a lot more to think about then we were aware of.

We met Clare Foreman after she offered her services to us a couple of months after our engagement, after out first meeting it was as though a massive load was lifted from our shoulders. As a couple this allowed us to focus on the more important things like our love for each other, creative ideas and excitement for the day.

If I was to mention striking words and characteristics that would explain Clare they would be the following: Organized, visually creative, beautiful, versatile, flexible, caring, understanding, motivated, driven, takes initiative, intuitive in all situations, humble, goes beyond what’s expected, selfless, open minded, innovative… just to mention a few.

Clare is more then capable to work under the most intense and stressful situations, proving herself to be open minded…

Clare allowed us to escape the mess and enjoy the beauty in our journey leading up to our wedding day. The quality I loved most about Clare was how she allowed us creative freedom yet was able to add to our ideas in an innovative and affordable way. She saw our vision from the start and ran with it. I can honestly say without Clare our day would not have run so smoothly. She headed up the kitchen, over saw the food and waitresses, made sure all our guests were happy, coordinated the schedule of the night, liaised with our band and MC’s.

Not to mention in the lead up to the day, Clare has qualifications and experience in so many facets of organizing a wedding. First aid, Beauty needs, dealing with all my contacts, scheduling, catering, Responsible service of alcohol… she has it all and just when you think there’s another need… there she is, pulling another trick out of her magic bag.

The most amazing thing was our parents were able to enjoy the day alongside us, not having to stress about all the minor details along with the bigger details. Clare had it covered and allowed us to have complete confidence in the logistics of the day.

Clare is innovative and wonderful at multi-tasking and delegating to her out side sources. She has contacts that allowed areas we had forgotten about to be covered for example; our bar was run professionally by sources that she organized at her own expense. She goes beyond, sacrificing her time at the drop of a hat.

We love Clare and recommend that you take these words as concrete and experience a joy filled day as we did. I was one who didn’t think a wedding planner was necessary, As a couple we are cruisey and didn’t want fuss… but, there would have been so much fuss if it wasn’t for Clare and her team.

Words will never be enough to express the Love, gratitude and respect we have for Clare and her Team. Your wedding day is something you don’t want to go wrong… We are forever greatful, as we cherish the most beautiful day of our lives so far. Thank you Clare. We wish you all the best as you endeavor the mantle as “The most amazing up and coming wedding planner on the face of this earth”

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