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Craig and Janey Cameron

Date Here 30.01.10 | Milton

“ I would have no hesitation in recommending Clare to anyone, for any event,
if you want it to be stress free, and successful. ”

Quote: Craig and Janey CAMERON | Photograph below by Gemma Clarke

Milton wedding

The Ingredients for a perfect wedding:

  • A happy couple
  • Great weather
  • Clare Foreman of South Coast Wedding Planner
  • (Oh ...and the ‘great weather’ is optional)

Originally I had planned to help my daughter co-ordinate the wedding myself - I had organized functions before...I knew the basics. But as ‘THE’ date grew closer, as ideas expanded, decisions got deferred, the guest list grew, and the budget diminished...there was an inevitable rise in emotions and tension.

Then along came Clare.

As soon as we had Clare on board I recognized what had been missing. A sensitive, caring, intuitive, creative, THIRD PARTY......a go between, and an extra brain and pair of hands that wasn’t emotionally involved. Clare was prepared to help us in ANYWAY we needed, as much or as little as we needed, and her experience, personality and nature made her an invaluable member of our wedding planning team.

This wedding had 4 different time periods that each needed unique skills to deal with it. Clare had them all.

1) THE PLANNING – What impressed me most was that Clare listened and understood what it was my creative daughter was trying to achieve. She caught the vision and was on board helping with interesting ideas, suggestions of suppliers and budget bandaids. She then followed that up with her great organizational skills - time lines, flow charts, and lists to help us through the maze of decision making and ordering. She also managed to help us stay motivated and on track, made the ‘difficult’ phone calls for us, organized quotes and arranged meeting times convenient to all concerned. She identified large concerns, thought of small details, was able to liaise with all, smoothed ruffled feathers, and nudged along any who were slow to move – and all this with a genuine smile, and an obvious love of her work.

2) THE MORNING OF – This wedding was a little unusual in that the ceremony was a closed one...just for family...and was early in the morning, and a 3 hr drive away from the reception, which was to be on our farm. As with any event you might have at home, there are always the last minute things to do ON THE, decorating, taking delivery of hired equipment, last minute hiccups etc......and we were 3 HOURS AWAY!! Clare just opened up her 2nd box of skills and qualities and went to work. Without dropping a ball she was juggling parking attendants, portable toilets, cooking equipments, decorations, baby animals, table settings, drinks, bands and food supplies. At the same time she was keeping an eye
on the time and keeping us updated as we travelled. The hayshed we had left the day before had been transformed into the perfect reception venue. She had performed a miracle.

3) THE RECEPTION – If I had thought that a wedding planner’s job was over once the reception had begun – Clare proved me wrong...and I will be forever grateful. When we arrived she was there to greet us, everything looking perfect, and said “I’ll see you later – go and enjoy your day”. I panicked! I thought she was leaving! It was at that point that I understood how important she was to the success of the day...and to my sanity! But she wasn’t leaving; she was just opening up box 3 of skills so that WE could be free to just have fun.

I must admit that I was SO busy having fun that I didn’t actually see Clare tirelessly working in the background. It was only evidenced by the fact that the MC stayed on schedule, with all necessary info and updates, the drinks kept flowing, the guests needs were cared for, the food all happened on time, the baby animals were kept safe, the children entertained, the bride and groom happy and me....aaaaahhh...relaxed.

4) AFTER – well it is really only after the hustle and bustle that it is

possible to discover what a gem you have found in Clare. The fact that the most important day in the life of your child has just come off so perfectly, without a hitch, (well if there was one...I didn’t know about it) gives you a very warm fuzzy feeling about the person responsible for it. I felt as though Clare had become an extension of our family and we were so comfortable and happy to have been able to share in such a joyous and happy occasion with her. It was like having the perfect best friend – heaps of skills and qualities, an easy manner and soothing personality, and a huge desire for it all to be successful.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Clare to anyone, for any event, if you want it to be stress free, and successful.

I can’t speak for all wedding planners – but I can for Clare – she is the best!

(And I have a feeling she had a hand in the great weather as well!)

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